Leaf Louver Gutters and Guards


Leaf Louver, one of the strongest system currently on the market

Leaf Louver is made from .024 aluminum making 6 inch gutter with Leaf Louver, one of the strongest systems currently on the market

Black Leaf Louver on 5"gutters

5 inch black seamless gutters with Leaf Louver gutter protections. 

Stainless steel micromesh

Beware! These systems will overflow. Over time the micromesh will clog with roof oils and algae. The gutters will not clog, they will over flow. You will not have any warranty covering the overflow. These systems are very costly. 

Leaf Louver vs Perforated Gutters

Perforated systems. These systems are the most affordable. They will keep the debris out of your gutter. Most have circular holes. The small circular holes pool over before letting the water into the gutter. They take more water than the micromesh gutter guards. They can overshoot under heavy rains.

The system is strong, clog free, and has great water capacity compared to the competition. The 6″ Leaf Louver gutter system is affordable compared to the other systems currently on the market.

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Aluminum product made in the USA with recycled aluminum. Manufactured in Ohio. 
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Leaf Louver guarantees that the interior of the gutter and downspout will not become clogged. They will prevent gutters from becoming clogged and overflowing as a result of the gutter or downspouts filling with debris such as leaves, twigs, needles, or seeds. Our product is designed to eliminate entry of this sort of debris that can otherwise create blockages in the gutter or flow to the downspout and cause damming and eventual gutter overflow. A gentle breeze will self clean your gutters. 


Leaf Louver.  Leaf Louver has small louvers that draw the water into the gutter. The louvers prevent your gutters from clogging. They will draw more water into the gutter when compared to the liquid adhesion, stainless steel micromesh, and perforated guards with round holes. 

Leaf Louver is made from .024 aluminum adding strength to your gutter system. 

6 inch Leaf Louver system with 3×4 down spouts will outperform all gutter protection currently on the market.


5 inch Leaf Louvers installed

5 inch leaf louver


Self Cleaning

All it takes is a light breeze to self clean your gutters.

Two Colors to choose from

Leaf Louver is available in gold and white. 5″ and 6″.

Free Unclog

If the inside of your gutter system gets clogged, Leaf Louver will unclog them for FREE

Water Siphoning Louvers

Leaf Louver has water siphoning louvers placed strategically to move water into your gutters, while keeping out debris. 

Virtually Invisible

Leaf Louver is virtually invisible from the ground.

Guaranteed not to peel or rust

Leaf Louver is made of aluminum, guaranteed not to peel or rust. 

Helmet style

A helmet that uses liquid adhesion to direct water into the gutter. The water follows the rounded bull nose through a slot between the cover and the gutter. Some of the systems go under your shingles and will cause damage. 


Beware!! These systems will overflow. They form gigantic icicles in the winter. Birds and bees make homes inside the gutters underneath the cover. These systems cost many thousands of dollars and will have to be removed when they fail. 

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Aluminum product made in the USA with recycled aluminum. Manufactured in Ohio.
Contact our Cleveland location 216-331-4985
Contact our Akron location 330-825-1127

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